Top Exercises to Improve Vertical Jump

Summary: The fundamental fitness movements are the key steps to effectively increase straight and high leaping capabilities within a precise period of time.

Reaching the expertise level of steep leaping is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for few players. You might have come across players on your team, who take waist and chest level leaps with effortless expressions on their face. But it took them certain level hard work as well as time to that point. It is a different story altogether when you practice straight leaps from childhood or your light and proper body structure made it easier for you to master the hops.

Vertical Jump Exercise


The technique of exercises to improve vertical jump capacity varies in cases of individuals. One exercise might not be suitable for a specific player but work wonder for the other. It is nothing but the tactic of understanding what your body needs regarding work out and movements. The type and shape of your body also count in this scenario. Therefore, some of the fitness skills that would emphasize the overall need for players and worth practicing shall be demonstrated further.

  1. Box leaps or plyometric

The various types of exercises to improve vertical jump by TrainingMalls include taking leaps through the box patterns. The pattern of leaps tends to get more complicated, with the increasing duration. It is not only improvised to strengthen leg muscles and increase leg power but also helps in mind and movement coordination.

The height of the boxes gets higher as one proceeds towards the later part of the game. Sometimes, the width is also played around with, to focus on stretching of the leg muscles along with leaps.

Best Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

  1. Sprint movements

Sprints are more about power than flexibility. The workouts are exaggerated to pressurize certain parts of the muscle. The postures might look simple but involves an immense amount of intensity at the very moment if you are making the moves right. You will have to be strict about not letting any part of the body loosen or relax while in practice.

  1. One legged squat

There are multiple numbers of squats that are effective for the steep leap, but when you practice single sided squats, you will notice the efficient development of the particular side, within a short span of time. It is best for getting rid of hamstring, ligament, and hip muscle rigidity.

Exercises To Improve Vertical Jump

  1. Swift drills

The set of drills can be adjusted and even formed by the player. Most of the players invest maximum leisure hours in figuring out the areas where they lack. The players might also be experienced but staying in touch with the detailed and elementary moves is very important. The drills can include rolling, stair run, jogging, crunches, etc.

However, apart from the mentioned workouts, it is wise to keep track of your progress graph. You can monitor your daily level of improvement in different ways by measuring the frequency, timing and finally the maximum height you can reach. If you are looking forward to rapid development, it is best to cut down your work-out schedule into short periods and increase the number of practice in a day.

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